So pretty much I’ve told you how great this software is and how cheap it is (for now). I’m back and now I’m going to tell you a few features.

Feature #1: Remove Duplicate Songs -  Pretty much what the name says. You’ll be surprised at how many duplicate songs you’ll find, but it’s normal right? I mean, if you’re a music lover like me with thousands of songs, it’s obvious that you will have a few songs that are exactly the same.  The thing is, even though the names were misspelled and the names were different, the software still found songs that were exactly the same.

Feature #2:  Fix Misspelled Song Details -  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this feature! TidySongs fixes misspelled and missing artist, album, name, track, year and genre details and renames artists and albums with their correct format. For example, lets say one of your files was named “Britney Spears – Baby One”, it’ll rename it to “Britney Spears – Baby One More Time” which is the full title of the artist and the song.  All of this is done automatically of course!

Feature #3:  Fill in Missing Artists, Year and Genres – Make your song library easier to browse by letting TidySongs automatically fill in the artist, album release year and genre for each song. When fixing songs, you can choose to use information from the original album the song was released on or a compilation or greatest hits. It keeps your music organized.

Feature #4: Adds Missing Album Network -  This feature is great. If you’re like me, you want your music to look good. So what this software does is automatically find high resolution album artwork for each of your songs so that it displays on your computer, in iTunes and on your iPod, iPhone, TV or other music player. If you’ve tried other software, they make you do this step automatically but with Tidysongs it’s all automatically.

I know I’ve said this word a lot, but everything is Automatically.

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