So the other day I’ve talked about how great this software was and pretty much the only *great* software on the internet to automatically clean up your songs. I mean it’s true, can you think of any other software that can pretty much do anything you want for only $39? No, you can’t. I’ve done all the research and tried them all, none even come close to this software. So you can spend all the time you want on researching, but you’ll come back here.

I honestly don’t know why people are still waiting. The thing is, I’m not sure how long you can buy the software for only $39  for.  Even at $39, the software is still inexpensive for what it can do. The album art finder and mp3 duplicate finder feature in the software alone is worth this price.

The interface is really beautiful and easy to use. Even without reading the manual that came with the software or asking for help, I pretty much knew what to do.  It doesn’t take a computer nerd to use it, which is a nice thing.

Limited Time Offer – Get Tidysongs for only $39

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