UPDATE: Tidysongs has been brought out by realnetworks and has been renamed to rinse my music, you can check out rinse at http://www.rinsemymusic.com. At the moment, rinse is exactly like tidysongs. The only thing that has changed is the name. I’m hoping that since it’s been brought out by a big company like realnetworks, it’ll have a big upgrade soon. Well I’m hoping anyways. Below is my review for tidysongs which applies to rinse my music also.

Tidysongs is great when it comes to finding duplicates, fixing misspelled songs, finding album art for your songs, fill in missing artists/year/genres, and much more. The thing is Tidysongs will do all of this for you automatically.

Although Tidysongs is a bit on the expensive side ($39), it’s totally worth it and to make your decision even easier, here is a $5 discount. I’m not sure when this discount offer will end, so use it while you can. Here are the steps you need to take to apply the $5 Tidysongs discount…

1.) First visit the Official Tidysongs website by clicking http://www.tidysongs.com (this will open a new window so you can still follow these steps)

2.) Enter “fixsongs” without the quotes at checkout and click the “click to apply” button to apply the coupon. Look at the picture below.


If you do not see this box, exit the tidysongs website and clear your cookies then go back to step #1.

Remember to use this discount as soon as you can since it will expire very soon. Have fun with Tidysongs! You will love this software. The discount is no longer valid since tidysongs has been brought out by http://www.rinsemymusic.com

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