remove duplicate songs in itunesYes, it’s possible to remove duplicate songs within Itunes itself and completely free, but the problem with Itunes built in duplicate songs remover is it only compares the name of your song. This means if your songs are even named a bit differently or has no name at all, it won’t find your duplicate songs. As you already know, the songs you download on the internet are always named differently even if it’s the same song. So how do you fix this? It’s easy, get rinse my music.

Rinse my music doesn’t compare the songs by the title or artist, but it uses the files itself to compare and check if the files are a duplicate. This means even if your songs have no name or renamed completely differently, rinse my music will still be able to remove your duplicate songs in order to free up space on your computer.

If you have a lot of songs in your itunes library such as me, rinse my music is a must tool if you wish to keep it neat and tidy. I recently ran the remove duplicate songs feature of rinse my music on my itunes library of over 3,000 songs and it found 250+ duplicates in my library. By removing the duplicates song in my itunes library, the itunes software will load faster and it will also free up space on my computer.

Remember that rinse my music also finds album art, fix your song details, fix itunes genres, and much more along with removing the duplicates songs in your library.

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