A lot of people have been wondering about what happened to tidysongs. As many of you have have already known, tidysongs was brought out by realnetworks and renamed to rinse my music.

As of right now, rinse my music is pretty much the same as tidysongs. As of writing this, there are no exciting new features, but I’m sure it’ll change since realnetworks is a bigger company than the old tidysongs was.  Although there are no exciting new features at the moment (which I’m sure will change), rinse my music is still the best cleaning software for itunes. Anyways, back to the rinse my music review.

So what’s inside rinse my music?

  • Fix songs –  Rinse my music will automatically compare your song details to it’s online music database. This feature comes in two options. Automatic and manual mode. In automatic mode, rinse my music will automatically fix your song details for you (including the title and artist details).  This means no more “track 01″ or “track 02″. The automatic mode is very accurate from what I’ve seen and what I prefer. There is also a manual mode which lets the user decide if rinse my music has chosen the right song details. If you do not like what rinse my music has found from it’s music database, you can edit your song details.
  • Removing Duplicate Songs – Just as the name states. It will go out and find and delete duplicate songs from your itunes library. This can save you a lot of space depending on the size of your itunes library.
  • Album Art Finder – This is my favorite feature of rinse my music. The software will go out and find high quality album arts for your songs.
  • Fill in the blanks – If your songs has missing genes, dates, artists, titles, albums, etc… rinse my music will compare your song to it’s online music database and automatically fill in the details.
  • Fix Itunes Genres – Rinse my music can divide your music into different genres.

Overall, I like rinse my music. I would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Rinse my music will work for both windows and mac and there is a free trial available if you use the link below.

Click Here To Download Rinse My Music