album art finderAs you can already tell, my favorite album art finder software is rinse my music. I’ve tried many itunes software out on the market and my two top is currently rinse my music and tuneup media, but rinse is a bit better when it comes to ease of use and how well it works.

Why should you need a album art finder? If you want your itunes library to look as “cool” as possible, then you would need to go out there and get album cover art for your songs, but how long would it take you to go out there and do that manually? Hours if you have a lot of songs you need album art for. A easy fix for this is just to go and get a album cover finder that will automatically go out there and find high quality album art for your songs.

If you don’t want to spend money or don’t currently have money to spend on a album art finder, then you can do it manually. You can do this by going to for all of your album covers. It’s totally free. The only down fall is you have to add all of your album arts manually which will take forever if you have a lot of songs. I would recommend a software such as rinse my music if you are serious about cleaning up your itunes library.

I did a rinse my music review the other day which includes a review on rinse’s album art finder features which you should check out if you’re interested in the software. The album art finder is just one of many features included in rinse my music. You can download rinse my music for free by using the link below:

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