clean up itunes libraryIf you’re like me and many other out there with thousands of songs in your Itunes library, then you probably have a VERY messy Itunes library. Although I hate to say it, you will need to download a itunes cleaning software such as rinse my music. Rinse my music is the best itunes cleanup software I have ever seen.

How many duplicates do you think you have in your library? I had over 670 duplicates after running my Itunes library through rinse my music. This made my Itunes library load faster and also free’d up a lot of space on my hard drive.

Are your songs misspelled? or not even have a title or artist at all? I’m sure you are used to seeing your songs labeled as “Track 01″ or “Track 02″. Rinse my music will fix this for you.

Do your songs have no album arts or low quality album art? No worries, rinse will go out there and find the highest quality album art possible for all of your songs. The best thing is it will do all of this automatically for you after you press start. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Is your songs missing details such as genes, date, artist, titles, etc..? If so, rinse will fix the song details for all of your songs for you. How great is that?

Another great feature that was just recently added to rinse my music is the ability to divide your songs into different genres within the itunes software.

Rinse my music will work with both Windows and MAC and you can try it for free if you use the link below. So stop struggling to fix your itunes library manually and take the easy way out and get rinse.

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