Rinse My Music Review

A lot of people have been wondering about what happened to tidysongs. As many of you have have already known, tidysongs was brought out by realnetworks and renamed to rinse my music.

As of right now, rinse my music is pretty much the same as tidysongs. As of writing this, there are no exciting new features, but I’m sure it’ll change since realnetworks is a bigger company than the old tidysongs was.  Although there are no exciting new features at the moment (which I’m sure will change), rinse my music is still the best cleaning software for itunes. Anyways, back to the rinse my music review.

So what’s inside rinse my music?

  • Fix songs –  Rinse my music will automatically compare your song details to it’s online music database. This feature comes in two options. Automatic and manual mode. In automatic mode, rinse my music will automatically fix your song details for you (including the title and artist details).  This means no more “track 01″ or “track 02″. The automatic mode is very accurate from what I’ve seen and what I prefer. There is also a manual mode which lets the user decide if rinse my music has chosen the right song details. If you do not like what rinse my music has found from it’s music database, you can edit your song details.
  • Removing Duplicate Songs – Just as the name states. It will go out and find and delete duplicate songs from your itunes library. This can save you a lot of space depending on the size of your itunes library.
  • Album Art Finder – This is my favorite feature of rinse my music. The software will go out and find high quality album arts for your songs.
  • Fill in the blanks – If your songs has missing genes, dates, artists, titles, albums, etc… rinse my music will compare your song to it’s online music database and automatically fill in the details.
  • Fix Itunes Genres – Rinse my music can divide your music into different genres.

Overall, I like rinse my music. I would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Rinse my music will work for both windows and mac and there is a free trial available if you use the link below.

Click Here To Download Rinse My Music

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Rinse My Music Promo Code

I finally got the rinse my music promo code everyone has been asking for! To use the rinse my music promo code, enter “X5Y8” (without the quotes) in the rinse my music “discount code” area for a 20% off of rinse my music! This is a limited time offer so take advantage of it while you can. Here’s a screen shot to prove that the rinse my music promo code is currently working…

rinse my music discount code

This is the biggest discount that I have seen from rinse and you will probably never seen it again once it’s gone. Everyone knows that rinse my music is currently the top when it comes to cleaning your itunes library so it’s a great thing that they are finally offering a discount which everyone can take advantage of.

To take advantage of your discount code, use the link below AND enter ”X5Y8” (without the quotes) in the rinse my music discount code area.

Get Rinse My Music for 20% Off Today! 

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Learn How To Clean Up Itunes Your Library

clean up itunes libraryIf you’re like me and many other out there with thousands of songs in your Itunes library, then you probably have a VERY messy Itunes library. Although I hate to say it, you will need to download a itunes cleaning software such as rinse my music. Rinse my music is the best itunes cleanup software I have ever seen.

How many duplicates do you think you have in your library? I had over 670 duplicates after running my Itunes library through rinse my music. This made my Itunes library load faster and also free’d up a lot of space on my hard drive.

Are your songs misspelled? or not even have a title or artist at all? I’m sure you are used to seeing your songs labeled as “Track 01″ or “Track 02″. Rinse my music will fix this for you.

Do your songs have no album arts or low quality album art? No worries, rinse will go out there and find the highest quality album art possible for all of your songs. The best thing is it will do all of this automatically for you after you press start. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Is your songs missing details such as genes, date, artist, titles, etc..? If so, rinse will fix the song details for all of your songs for you. How great is that?

Another great feature that was just recently added to rinse my music is the ability to divide your songs into different genres within the itunes software.

Rinse my music will work with both Windows and MAC and you can try it for free if you use the link below. So stop struggling to fix your itunes library manually and take the easy way out and get rinse.

Download Rinse My Music FREE Trial Today

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Tidysongs – Indepth Review

So pretty much I’ve told you how great this software is and how cheap it is (for now). I’m back and now I’m going to tell you a few features.

Feature #1: Remove Duplicate Songs -  Pretty much what the name says. You’ll be surprised at how many duplicate songs you’ll find, but it’s normal right? I mean, if you’re a music lover like me with thousands of songs, it’s obvious that you will have a few songs that are exactly the same.  The thing is, even though the names were misspelled and the names were different, the software still found songs that were exactly the same.

Feature #2:  Fix Misspelled Song Details -  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this feature! TidySongs fixes misspelled and missing artist, album, name, track, year and genre details and renames artists and albums with their correct format. For example, lets say one of your files was named “Britney Spears – Baby One”, it’ll rename it to “Britney Spears – Baby One More Time” which is the full title of the artist and the song.  All of this is done automatically of course!

Feature #3:  Fill in Missing Artists, Year and Genres – Make your song library easier to browse by letting TidySongs automatically fill in the artist, album release year and genre for each song. When fixing songs, you can choose to use information from the original album the song was released on or a compilation or greatest hits. It keeps your music organized.

Feature #4: Adds Missing Album Network -  This feature is great. If you’re like me, you want your music to look good. So what this software does is automatically find high resolution album artwork for each of your songs so that it displays on your computer, in iTunes and on your iPod, iPhone, TV or other music player. If you’ve tried other software, they make you do this step automatically but with Tidysongs it’s all automatically.

I know I’ve said this word a lot, but everything is Automatically.

Click here to Download Tidysongs

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